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paraglajding planina


Montenegro is also suitable for paragliding, as a young sport, in which flight you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Bungee jumping

We are the only one in Europe where you can do double jump (pair). For bungee jumping there is no age limit, a maximum weight of 30 to 240 kg.
mountain biking

Mountain biking

The greatest adventure is a tour of the mountain massif of Durmitor, which is popularly called the ring. In the visit of Durmitor, which is most...


For some time in the world tourism is very popular so-called active holiday in the composition of such offers and hiking with all that the sport entails.
snowboarding planina


Durmitor snowboarders will always be willing to approach their experiences and communicate them to all who want to enjoy...
water skiing

Water skiing

Since the introduction of ski lifts, skiing has become much more accessible and less expensive sport.


Best way to try yourself and your adventurous spirit, to share unforgettable moments, and to enjoy nature, whirlpools, beaches and comfortable lunch on the riverside...


Coastal sea depth it ranges up to 35 m from where it transits to sandy bottom. Underwater rock is rich in flora, coral colonies and coral, while the sandy slopes are covered with posidanija.

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