Snowboarding in Montenegro

On Durmitor snowbard appears relatively late, in the early nineties, but its real development and promotion begins only with entering the new millennium and the establishment of snowbard club “Savin kuk” (the first professional club in Montenegro), which was accepted in its composition the most talented young people from this area. In addition to this club, in Zabljak there is a snowboard voluntary society “helter skelter”. The fact that in so short time has come to the formation of these two clubs, shows that this sport has a great perspective, and Durmitor attracts with its grounds and makes possible the enjoyment for snowboarders.


It’s hard to say who actually “invented” the first snowboard. People have always found ways to lower down the mountain, but it would be unjust, if we specify only one name, as the inventor of the “first” snowboard. The first form of snowboarding, there are late twenties and early thirties of last century, but first, the true forerunner of today’s so-called snowboarding. “Snurfer,” Sherman Poppen made in 1965. It is interesting that the development of the sport and the man credited our origin Demetrios predicted. It was the seventies, along with the famous Jake Burton, founded the first company to manufacture snowboards, called “Winterstick”. Only several years later, Burton will establish their own, now far the most popular company that bears his name.

Durmitor for snowboard

Through these years, with some more experience related to snowboard, Durmitor hosted a large number of riders, from those who begin to practice this sport, to those who are the right size (Serge Witte, Jerome Jacques) , who left the mountain with enthusiasm and a conclusion that Durmitor is surreal and real freedom of choice, movement and thinking. The needs of snowboarders are diverse, both in terms of complexity of the regulated pathway, and in terms of desire for trails outside of official court. Durmitor will give you both. Durmitor snowboarders will always be willing to approach their experiences and communicate them to all who want to enjoy this beautiful “sense of freedom.”

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