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One of the most popular extreme sports definitely is mountain biking. In late nineties founded the first club and then begins to develop in Zabljak. To date, three mountain bike clubs have been established of which the first and most numerous is MTB Club “TOP”. The clubs that have existed since summer 2002. the Durmitores, biking society volunteer, and VZ sport.

These clubs organize competitions, biking tours in which every tourist can feel all the charm of the sport by visiting many natural attractions, among which it referred to a dozen lakes you can reach by bike, parts of the Tara River Canyon and many others.

The best adventure

Zabljak, ski resort, has extraordinary paths and it is proved by the number of events organized in this region. The most significant of these competitions is the reward of Durmitor, which is driven in the Montenegrin Cup and this year’s calendar included in this prestigious competition. This race is perhaps one of the most attractive trails in Serbia and Montenegro, the race goes around the Black Lake, the largest and most beautiful on Durmitor, and the height difference between the lowest and the highest point totals to 300 m. Durmitor has excellent trails for downhill, most extreme and expensive branch of mountain biking, and Cross country. The greatest adventure is a tour of the mountain massif of Durmitorwhich is popularly called the ring.


In the visit  of Durmitorwhich is most interesting is the 86 km descent and passage through the canyon SušiceMarathon” passes through the mountain passesthrough the foothills of some of the peaks, mountain bikers descend to an altitude of 600 mi climbs to over 2100 meters above sea. Exceptional courts, through a distinctive ambience that will make you love this sport and on such journeys meet Durmitor.

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