Health tourism

Health toursm or “wild beauty” which Montenegrin tourist organization uses, describes the best of untouched nature in this part of Europe. Unreal configuration of mountain massives, which rise directly from the Adriatic Sea, make the climate in Montenegro more than convenient for development of the best health tourism. The ideal location which Montenegro has in comparison with big European centers and clear orientation towards coming out on European market completes the mosaic of perspective development of health tourism. This was confirmed by Marie Mancel, one of the most famous French journalist and experts for spa tourism who said: ” In Europe for sure there isn’t an institute similar to institute “Dr Simo Milosevic”, precisely, there isn’t an institute with possibilities like this one in Igalo. By this I mean that the surrounding, the position and Montenegro in general as a destination this year will be a real discovery for French tourists. I am here for the first time and I am really impressed by natural wealth, but also by the work of all the staff and the way various therapies are conducted”.


At the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world – the Bay of Kotor, is Igalo. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, natural factors, mineral water springs (“Igaljka”) and the healing mud, Igalo has become a famous health resort, and in addition, the abundance of beautiful beaches have made it an attractive tourist destination. The Igalo Institute is the largest and most famous institution for multidisciplinary spa treatment in the Mediterranean. He is the founder of modern physical and preventive medicine, rehabilitation, thalassotherapy and wellness and has become one of the main international centers for the rehabilitation of children, adults and the elderly.
Hotel Centar IGALO**
It is located in the center of Igalo along the coast. Hotel Centar Igalo, surrounded by a park, is especially attractive for guests who enjoy long walks and want a peaceful family vacation, guests who want an active vacation, combined with medical treatments in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, for athletes. The hotel offers its own beach, medical rehabilitation block, swimming pool. 1/2 and 1/3 rooms are with bathroom, terrace and telephone, while 1/1 rooms are with bathroom, telephone, without terrace. There is a wide choice of therapies on offer: kinesi therapy (medical gymnastics), hydrokinesis therapy (exercises in the pool), hydrotherapy (underwater shower massage), pearl bath, hydrolocator (mud), electrotherapy, inhalations.

Mediterranean Health Center

Igalo Spa****

Igalo Institute **** has a capacity of 800 beds in 405 rooms and suites. All rooms (single, double and suites) are air conditioned, with terraces overlooking the sea. The Igalo Institute has four indoor therapeutic pools, fully equipped examination and therapy rooms, restaurants, bars, exhibition spaces, a large gym, a bowling alley, a fitness club and a multipurpose playground (basketball, handball, five-a-side football), a congress hall. In addition to therapies within the basic medical program, we offer sui alternative forms of medicine: shiatsu accupresure, kiyoga, tai chi chuan and chi gong. In addition, there is a port-recreational center, as well as a dental program conducted by a professor of dentistry: periodontology, aesthetic dentistry and German prosthetics.
Dr. Simo Milosevic Institute
It is 4 km away from Herceg Novi by highway. The Pet Danica promenade with its 7 km connects all Italian and Herceg Novi beaches. It is located near the Hotel Center “Igalo” as well as many restaurants and shops that Igalo abounds in. Rooms in the institute are “B” category, 1/1, 1/2 with bathroom, terrace and sea view. The solitaires together have a capacity of 650 beds in 352 guest rooms. The buildings also house all therapeutic wards and ancillary equipment, such as therapy pools and restaurant rooms.

Mineral water "Igaljka"

Near the mouth of the river Sutorina into the sea, along the coast, there are several springs of mineral water, four of which are large. These mineral waters are chloride, muriatic, ie. according to the German classification, igal mineral water belongs to the group of sodium chloride waters. In its composition, water has the most sodium chloride, hydrocarbons, sulfates, calcium, magnesium, etc. ingredients. It has been tested several times in chemical institutes of medical faculties in Belgrade and Zagreb. It can be used in various diseases, such as: hypoacidities, dyskinesia, gallbladder, chronic constipation, slow peristalsis. In the form of an aerosol, it is used in diseases of the respiratory tract. It is mostly used as an additive for peloids for dressings, as a basic liquid for mixing with peloid and obtaining peloid baths, heated as a mineral bath and as warm mineral water in a therapeutic pool for hydrogymnastics.
ljekovito blato

Healing sea mud

Thanks to the healing sea mud, Igalo has developed into the largest peloid spa in the former Yugoslavia and is one of the largest in Europe. The therapeutic application of this medicinal mud is quite wide and is based on its basic characteristics. It has a pronounced hypermetic, respiratory and analgesic effect, so it is used in the treatment of many diseases, primarily rheumatic. It is also used heated in the form of local or general peloid coatings and mixed with mineral water as a peloid bath or semi-bath.

Dental clinic Vukotić

Many years of experience, the latest technology and courtesy of staff provide services within world standards. During care, patients they can enjoy the benefits of Herceg Novi and its surroundings.


In the Bay of Kotor, 8 km from the old town of Kotor, is Prčanj, declared a natural climatic health resort by the decision of the royal government in 1920. The air currents above the bay affect the flora and water, enriching the air with ions, primarily halogen and other chemical substances contained in seawater. Vapors of essential substances mixed with vapors of sea water enrich the atmosphere with minerals and ions whose positive effect on the respiratory system has been medically confirmed. The sea water in the bay is classified in I and II category of purity. The average annual air temperature in Prcanj is 15.2C.

Vrmac Institute

It is located between Prcanj and Stoliv, on the coast at the foot of the hill Vrmac. The institute is 12 km from Tivat Airport and 4 km from Lepetani-Kamenari Ferry. At 10 m from the institute there is a 1 km long beach. The “Vrmac” Institute is an institution of health – tourist character. In addition to being a wonderful oasis in Mediterranean greenery for all those who want relaxed moments, within the institute there is a medical program, diagnostics and therapies conducted by a team of specialist doctors and therapists.