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Montenegro Tourist Service

Do you want to develop your skills in the tourism and hospitality industry, work in sales, marketing, or the luxury villa department? Do you dream of a place where you can learn, grow and have fun at the same time? Can’t wait to put your college knowledge into practice?

Do you want to work in an international team and meet the most successful individuals working in the field, daily? Gain valuable knowledge and work with experienced colleagues who will always be at your service? Do you want to live and work in the beautiful country of Montenegro? Are you a curious individual thirsty for a new adventure? Montenegro is the place to be.

Apply for a paid internship program at Montenegro Tourist Service and become part of our exceptional team.

We will give you an opportunity to work in a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, and continuously learn and grow, all while having a full understanding of your needs. And if you decide that this is the job you want to continue doing and that our team is the one you want to work with, if you show versatility and proactivity, we will be more than happy to continue working with you through an indefinite work contract.

If you want to get to know us better, you can contact us and schedule an online meeting any working day from 8AM to 5PM (CET time).

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The positions we are looking for

We provide you with shared accommodation and two meals per day

Digital nomads

By adopting amendments to the Law on Foreigners, Montenegro became one of the countries that defined the area of ​​digital nomads and thus regulated their position, with the aim of facilitating obtaining a permit for their stay in Montenegro. 

Digital nomads are, above all, freelancers whose nature of work allows them to work from home, i.e. from any point on the planet. Most digital nomads deal with modern IT jobs such as programming, and graphic design…

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Why Montenegro?


Don’t miss the opportunity to grow with those who understand your needs and who will help you sharpen your professional skills and abilities. We offer you:


Mobile phone and credit plan in accordance with company policy


Laptop as an essential working tool 


30% discount in the Desetka restaurant on the entire menu


50% discount at The Capital Fitness Center gym at Atlas Capital Center


30% discount on hotel BIP in Budva


30% discount on the beach Kamenovo


20% discount in Supplement House on all products


Possibility of attending international tourism and Lux tourism fairs


Flexible working hours


A dynamic and creative work environment


Participation in Teambuildings

bed (2)

Shared accommodation

dish (1)

Two meals per day


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