About Montenegro

Basic information

Montenegro is situated in the south Adriatic Sea, in a small area in which are gathered: sea with beautiful beaches, rivers with unique canyons, clear lakes and giant mountains. Such beauty is breathtaking and every traveler remains eternally in love with Montenegro.


Often, when we meet a new state, nation, culture, we begin with a question what is the national cuisine and with what that new culture could surprise us. Montenegro is just such a culture, hidden like a pearl in the heart of Europe, ready to surprise you, to surrender all of your senses, that will offer you on national table things that you see for the first time, and those that you have seen before, but now in new arrangement. You could never blame Montenegrins for one thing – they are excellent hosts. They are waiting for you with open door, the best place at the table and the best your host can offer you… Montenegrin national cuisine opens its doors for you – taste the tradition …

National parks and ethno villages

Breathtaking nature

In the impressive mosaic of beauties of Montenegro, 5 national parks stand out, as areas with exceptional natural, environmental and cultural values ​​that have not only national but also international significance.

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Ethno villages


National parks

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Travel to Montenegro

Through whatever “door” you choose to come to Montenegro, you will be welcomed by unspoiled nature and hospitable and friendly people. If you are arriving by plane, you will see a grandstand of snowy mountain peaks and “mountain eyes” – Black or any of the 17 lakes on Durmitor, surrounded by meadows and the woods, deep ravines, clear rivers, among them the largest in Europe – Tara Canyon …

If you arrive by boat, on the horizon in front of you will point out colorful coast – the gentle one – with sandy beaches and centennial olive trees, and the wild one – with mountains that reach the sky and “protect” the coast and old towns on it. Medieval castles and churches of coastal towns show that the passenger arrived at the right place, in a perfect arc for rest after a long voyage.


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